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Maintenance and Cleaning


Like all buildings, our village hall requires ongoing maintenance and cleaning to keep it available, and presentable, for events and functions. This can only be achieved on a voluntary basis, and unfortunately over the past few years, the maintenance especially, has lagged far behind what is really required. For this reason the building structure is now in need of some serious attention. The village hall committee has made the decision to try to document what is required, break down the tasks into manageable chunks and start looking for volunteers to take on one or more jobs to help bring our village hall back to full health. The maintenance tasks vary from simple jobs, like removing ivy from the walls, through moderately sized jobs, like re-painting the hall, to major jobs like replacing the decaying porch and refurbishing the ageing kitchen. The porch is currently being actively pursued while the kitchen upgrade is still at the discussion stage. The latter two are major projects and require some serious funds to become a reality.


The Initial lists of tasks are available below to provide an overview of what we are facing. We are creating a rota for the cleaning tasks and will publish a more detailed list of maintenance tasks as we go along, with some idea of the time and skills that will be required for each task. If you feel able to volunteer to help us please feel free to contact us on poughillvillage@gmail.com, complete one of the slips we will be providing at our forthcoming events, or download the maintenance list for a full breakdown of what we need to do.


Thank you for taking the time to read this and we hope you will feel able to volunteer to help us.


During the pandemic and lock-down we have been busy with some of the necessary maintenance of the village hall. The current task has been to clear out and demolish the rotten roof of the old toilet block behind the hall. Pictures opposite are of the progress so far.